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A little bit of history

It all started for Etablissments Collot back in 1913 in Paris at 91 Boulevard Richard Lenoir. In 1988 we made the move to a new factory in Chennevières-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne).


As specialists in processing cellular materials and industrial rubber products for waterproofing, thermal insulation, and fire safety, the new unit, COLLOT Elastomères, with Gilles Fromantin embodying our know-how and craftsmanship, marked our shift towards industrial production at the beginning of the 90s.


In 1995, with increasing production and more staff, the company decided to move to Vaux le Penil (Seine et Marne). In the middle of the noughties, under Cédric Fromantin, Gilles' son, our core business in slitting, lamination, stamping, glueing and fusing met with equally promising success.


It all seemed so natural – the factory during the day and the music studio at night, jamming with our mates. It all really helped to improve our ear and consolidate our expertise”


A little bit of history

As a music lover, frustrated by the lack of affordable, simple acoustic solutions on the French market, creating a brand and offering products to meet the needs of amateurs and professionals in the music world just seemed like the right thing to do.


The lengthy experience gained by COLLOT Elastomères in industrial acoustics and isophonics was ideal when it came to extending our product range to new customers, including private individuals and local authorities.


This led to the birth of Colsound®. We export to more than a dozen different countries in the European Union and further afield. All our products are made in France and are ISO 9001 certified.


Getting your acoustics right isn't just about personal comfort – it's also very much about public health. Your children, your staff and your customers are in the front line...”


From brand to company

There are obvious benefits to implementing your own acoustic solutions. When it comes to sound quality and comfort, the broad range of spaces in our lives with their different structural features means we have to both adapt and improve our offer continuously.


Most building projects, whether they be new designs or renovations, involve reconciling a number of factors and acoustics are often neglected – meaning that wonderful, useful spaces are a disaster for staff and users.


A number of serious studies have confirmed the adverse effects that noise can have on us: heightened stress, poor concentration, ringing in the ears, tiredness and even hearing loss in extreme cases of regular exposure so it's always a good idea to sort out as many potential problems upstream or downstream.


We want to raise awareness of simple, innovative ways of reducing unpleasant noise but assessing the benefit of our solutions without testing them in real life situations is complex. As a result we sometimes have to resort to demonstrating the health benefits of what we do indirectly."


From brand to company

Working with acoustics experts, engineers, architects, decorators and builders is as enjoyable as it is necessary.


Enjoyable because, aside from the pride in our products being labelled “French made”, our partners and customers can rest assured that from our technicians in the workshop to our sales staff on the telephone, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


And necessary because in our competitive, global markets which are so tough for our industry, competitive intelligence, cooperation, creativity and innovation must be at the heart of our concerns.


We design and manufacture all of our acoustic solutions in-house or locally. This brings down our carbon footprint but also some of our production costs, which has a beneficial knock-on effect for the customer ...”



Apart from the production of melamine (a thermosetting open cell aminoplast which we use to ensure the highest acoustic response in product lamination), our whole operation is carried out on site – from design through to manufacturing.


Where possible our industrial policy also extends to our partners, suppliers and subcontractors – particularly when it comes to our approach to quality and our respect for applicable social, health and safety standards for the people, goods and services involved.



The “French made” label really means something to us. It is a commitment to reliability and the highest quality in the services and products which we bring together in our approach. We should be proud of what we produce in France!


Our quality of service

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our approach to quality – in conjunction with optimising transport costs, minimising our carbon production and dealing openly and transparently with our customers and partners.


Given that correct waste management has become a key issue for the business sector, COLLOT Elastomères is also working on the reuse and drastic reduction of its waste, so recycling into new products, recovery, compacting and transport to appropriate waste processing facilities are all of central importance to us. We've been certified for 12 years now and are currently registered as ISO 9001 V2008.


What about satisfaction? We measure it from the comments and references from our customers, their loved ones, their staff, or their children – and from the smile which lights up their faces when we finish the job and bring acoustic and decorative harmony together in the right space! So... why wait to hear from us?



We guarantee that we'll pull out all the stops for our customers to make sure that they have the right product for their needs and we have developed a performance analysis system to allow us to do it.


It rates any detected defects or lack of suitability and any delivery delays above the standard times which are analysed on a monthly basis, as well as the efforts made towards greater innovation. All levels of our management team are focused on the critical importance of good internal communication – because that is what allows us to achieve our goals.



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